CRIS Research Programmes 2024

CRIS Research Programmes 

– The CRIS Excellence Programme, endowed with €1,250,000 over 5 years, seeks to promote the development of outstanding researchers in clinical and translational cancer programmes, with projects with clear potential to make a real impact on patient treatment. Two grants are awarded annually.

– The CRIS Emerging Leader Programme, endowed with €400,000 over 5 years, provides incentive and competitive financial conditions to attract and stabilize outstanding young researchers with the capacity to become leaders in research and change the landscape of cancer treatment.  Two are awarded annually. 

– The CRIS Traslational Physician Talent Programme, endowed with €400,000 over 5 years, is aimed at fostering the careers and training of outstanding clinician-researchers with a creative and transformative mindset, who will lead their respective fields in the future.  Two are awarded annually. 

– The CRIS Out-Back Fellowship consists of a Training Programme aimed at young scientists and doctors that offers a 2-year to 4-year stay in an international institution and a 1-year to 2-year contract to continue developing their career in Spain. In addition to the endowment (a maximum of €350,000 over 5 years), it includes an ambitious multidisciplinary training and mentoring plan. Two are awarded annually.

El día 3 de abril se celebrará un webinar para explicar las convocatorias y responder cualquier pregunta que pueda surgir.